Colombo Relay Centre

Ashara Mubaraka 1446H, Karachi

Mumineen must make travel plans only after receiving Raza for Ashara Mubaraka 1446H Colombo Relay Centre.

Upon arrival in Colombo, Mumineen are requested to present their Raza letter along with their ITS card.

A Raza check will be carried out at the airport.

Note: No arrangements will be provided for those arriving without Raza.


Waaz Centres

There will be two Waaz Centres in Colombo: 

Note: Mawaid will be available at both venues.

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Accomodation in colombo

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Visa applications should be made only via the official website, and NOT through third party companies.

For up-to-date visa process and eligibility information, click here. After receiving Raza, it is recommended that Mumineen obtain approved visas before commencing their travels.

Please keep your ITS card in your hand luggage upon arrival at the airport. This will help the Istiqbaal Team to guide and assist you.

Yes, ITS Arrival Scanning is mandatory and will take place as you exit the airport, until first Moharram. The location for Arrival Scanning after first Moharram will be notified later.  

Aali Qadr Maula (TUS) has often quoted “Hubbul watan min al imaan” (Love for one’s country is part of faith). This message has deeply resonated with the mumineen of Sri Lanka, who have embraced it as integral to their society, living harmoniously with friends and neighbours.

Respect for every citizen in Sri Lanka is paramount, ensuring they are not disturbed or inconvenienced in their daily lives.

Visitors must also respect the local culture.

Husaini Masjid Complex, Colombo, is located at coordinates 6°53’41″N 79°51’11″E. Find it on Google Maps as ‘Bohra Masjid’ here

Husaini Masjid has entrances on Glen Aber Place and Adamaly Place, accessible via Galle Road or Marine Drive. Nearby landmarks include Bambalapitiya Junction, Majestic City Mall, Spa Ceylon, and Raux Brothers.

The travel time from central Colombo or its suburbs to Husaini Masjid typically ranges from 45 minutes to 1 hour under normal traffic conditions. Convenient public and private transportation options are available from all hotels.


Mufaddal Centre (SLECC) is situated on McCallum Road in Colombo 01.

Nearby landmarks include: Lake House Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited, Sampath Bank City Office, Central Mail Exchange and Fort Railway Station, and it is 200m away from World Trade Centre, Colombo.

Google Maps: Mufaddal Centre (SLECC)

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